Reporting & Realtime

In addition to their formal training, all of our certified court reporters have completed Reportex’s rigorous in-house training to ensure that they are proficient in the latest court reporting technology and transcript editing practices.  They regularly attend in-house continuing education workshops, and they utilize top-line equipment and software.

Our highly trained, friendly staff has coordinated thousands of discoveries. We know what it takes to ensure a smooth proceeding, and we have fine-tuned every step of the process.  Our e-calendar booking system integrates seamlessly with Outlook, and our quality control and production departments work together to ensure efficient delivery of transcripts to our clients.

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Realtime Reporting

Realtime reporting is the instantaneous translation of oral proceedings into English text. Counsel’s laptop or iPad is connected to the reporter’s realtime system, enabling counsel to read and annotate the text on their screen in ‘real time’ during the proceedings, saving time and increasing trial prep efficiency.

With realtime, you can instantly search for key words, create custom issues, flag portions of the evidence for review, highlight lines of text for quick follow-up and copy and paste from the transcript into closing arguments.  The possibilities are endless, and the viewing software is free.

Remote Realtime

Reportex offers secure remote realtime to anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Streamed data is encrypted through 256-bit SSL technology, which is the gold standard for digital security used by banks and high-security applications. Therefore, you can rest assured that the transcript of even the most sensitive of proceedings can be safely streamed remotely.

Video Depositions

We network with the top videographers in British Columbia, and we would be pleased to book a videographer for your deposition if you require assistance. We’ve done thousands of video depositions and are able to provide a finished product in any format.

US Depositions

Our reporters have extensive experience reporting depositions for our American clients, and we will ensure that your transcript meets the requirements of your county and state.
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