We Have You Covered

At Reportex we believe the difference between adequate and excellent is in the details, and we apply this principle to every aspect of the services we offer.


Reportex recognizes how important comfortable, professional surroundings are when parties meet on neutral ground to examine witnesses, conduct hearings or resolve disputes.  Whether at our Vancouver headquarters or handy New West and Victoria locations, we designed our spaces based on the principles of comfort and efficiency along with years of client feedback.


The importance of food in defusing conflict can’t be overstated. At our Vancouver headquarters, in-house catering effortlessly removes the threat of a high-stakes mediation being derailed by hunger. Staff at satellite locations can easily provide your party with a catered lunch from one of New West or Victoria’s casual or fine dining establishments.

HQ (Vancouver)

At our HQ, we built our offices from the floor up using our years of experience. Our custom-designed boardrooms are tailored perfectly to the needs of clients and a separate mediators lounge offers a comfortable space to prepare during long proceedings. We keep a wide array of equipment on hand including whiteboards, projectors and conference phones to ensure that clients have everything they need to do their best work.

All-Star (New Westminster)

Reportex has always admired the work done by All-Star reporters, and in 2019 we took our relationship to the next level by acquiring the company. We took the opportunity to bring our signature touch and thoughtful extras to our new location. Our New West boardrooms offer the same comfort, support and professionalism as our headquarters.

Island by Reportex (Victoria)

Island by Reportex is the latest addition to our growing brand, and like our other locations we’ve ensured the comfort and productivity of clients who attend proceedings in the province’s capital. Island’s four large, comfortable boardrooms in a beautifully renovated heritage building are located in Victoria’s vibrant downtown an easy walking distance from the courthouse and Harbour Air. A larger meeting room is available in the building upon request.