The Perfect Locations for Your Proceedings

When we custom designed our Vancouver facility, we used our decades of experience in the legal industry to anticipate the needs of our clients.  The resulting boardrooms are the perfect combination of comfort, utility and professionalism.

We have since opened additional locations in New Westminster and Victoria for the convenience of our clients.

See our Boardroom Rentals page for details.

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Downtown Vancouver Boardrooms

Our 10,000-square-foot downtown Vancouver facility is located in the heart of the city.  Floor-to-ceiling windows allow for plenty of natural daylight, and a welcoming colour scheme creates a warm, relaxed environment. Our movable walls can be opened to accommodate very large groups.

Mediators Lounge

Our Vancouver facility offers a private lounge designed with a media centre and classic leather seating, which is the perfect place for mediators, arbitrators and panel members to review documents, check email, make phone calls and have lunch while remaining in close proximity to their parties.

New Westminster Boardrooms

For the convenience of our clients our All-Star by Reportex office is located in New Westminster. Featuring the same creature comforts as our main location, this space is perfectly suited to discoveries and depositions.

Victoria Boardrooms

Island by Reportex offers comfortable, centrally located boardrooms in a beautifully renovated heritage building built in 1911. Our signature service and thoughtful extras are now available on Vancouver Island.