Client Realtime Materials

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Reportex Client Realtime Materials

Our extensive support materials and instructional videos are available to clients who have currently retained us to provide realtime reporting.

We can provide a realtime connection to any of the following programs:

If you don’t already have a licence for Summation or LiveNote/Case Notebook, we suggest you use the free CaseViewNet software which you can download from the internet.

The following documents will assist you in preparing to receive realtime from Reportex. You may wish to download them and print them out to view at your convenience.

Preparing for Realtime

Preparing Your Laptop for Realtime Reporting

  • Ensure your laptop meets hardware requirements
  • Download and set up your realtime software in advance
  • Set up drivers and hardware (if using non-wireless realtime)

Once your realtime equipment is set up and configured, Reportex will schedule a time to come to your office to test the system to make sure that everything will run as smoothly as possible on day 1 of the proceedings.

Syncing/Updating Transcripts

The following videos will walk you through the process of syncing/updating your annotated realtime transcript with the reporter’s cleaned-up draft or certified version, while retaining your annotations, marks, notes and issues.

If you are viewing these videos using a fast internet connection, we recommend that you click the gear icon at the bottom of the video and then select the highest quality video for best legibility.