Contractor Bios

Many Reportex team members work remotely–some people hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away. Our company has some amazing people working for us with all sorts of interesting backgrounds. This article will tell you a little about the people on our team you might not see in person every day.


Aimee Pressley

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Angela Pinsent

Angela started her working life 16 years ago as a court monitor and transcriber in Ontario before moving to British Columbia in 2006. She joined the Reportex team as a scopist and transcriber in 2017. Angela’s primary hobbies are Crossfit and hiking.

Carli Kerr

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Ed Egan

Ed has been involved in the court reporting industry in various capacities for 28 years. He began his career in court reporting as a stenomask reporter in Toronto in the early 90s. Since that time, he has worked as a scoper, proofreader, transcriber, and audio transcription manager. Ed currently works for reporters and entities in both Ontario and BC. His most memorable work was on the Air India trial. He lives in Belcarra with his beautiful wife and two great kids, not to forgot a dog and two cats. Pleasure reading and running are the two hobbies he enjoys most.


Kathleen Lynch

Kathleen has been working full-time in a legal environment for approximately 33 years, both as a legal assistant and a paralegal. She has assisted lawyers in a variety of areas of law, some of which include family law, estate law, civil litigation, corporate law, contract law, real estate, immigration and regulatory. Approximately 8 to 10 years ago she began doing transcription for Reportex. On a personal level, she loves nature, music and all arts.

Leah Wheeldon

Leah is 56 years old and mother of two adult children (her son is 28 and daughter is 26). She worked as a legal assistant in both Vancouver and the Comox Valley from the middle 1980s up until 2013 when she made a change and worked in quality management for a fish processing plant in Tofino. Leah began legal transcription for Reportex in or around 2016.

She is an avid outdoorsperson who enjoys mountain biking and hiking with her two dogs. She also enjoys playing acoustic guitar, continuing to learn more music and learning to sing while playing guitar. Leah is happy living a minimalistic lifestyle in her RV on the west coast of Vancouver Island. She enjoys working hard, and is grateful for the opportunity provided by Reportex to work from home while still feeling part of a strong team.

Lindsay Brown

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Lora Baldwin

Lora enjoyed working for many years as a personal injury assistant and law clerk at Sutts, Strosberg law firm in Windsor, Ontario, as well as shorter periods at Caesars Windsor legal department and Green Shield Canada. Leah went to University of Windsor and majored in English. She and her husband Tom moved to Londesborough, a small village near Goderich, Ontario on the shores of Lake Huron in summer 2017, at which time she started working with Reportex as a legal transcriptionist. She has raised three wonderful children and has a lovely two-year-old granddaughter, who is the light of her life. And of course we can’t forget her family lab, Murphy (who thinks he is a person and in charge of the family.)

Outside of work, she enjoys long walks with Murphy, strolls on the beach and trail hikes in Huron County. She also loves to cook (especially Italian) and bake and celebrate happy occasions with her children and their families. Leah loves music, reading (especially spiritual books), journal writing and gardening. She emphasizes that she tries to always to make choices out of love, never fear. “I believe we can choose from many paths in life and each one is the right one, just different. Mostly I try to remember to be grateful each day.”

Shawnna Auramenko

Shawnna loves spending time with her family (including her furry daughter, Elsie – a dog), shopping at thrift stores, painting furniture and generally puttering around the house with her endless to-do list. Working from home is a dream.

Stephanie (Stevie) Van Skiver

Stevie has over seven years’ experience in transcription, including dictation, interviews and subtitling. Prior to joining Reportex she has worked in the insurance and entertainment industries. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Simon Fraser University in English Literature. Her hobbies include travel, cycling, hiking and reading a good book on a sunny beach.

Steve Atchison

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Britney Rumbaugh

Britney is an editor with Reportex and the mother of two beautiful children. Shes enjoy many outdoor activities as a family such as camping, motocross and snowboarding. She has been a medical language specialist and editor for 8 years within various positions and looks forward to continuing with Reportex for the foreseeable future.

Cheryl Madsen

Cheryl has extensive experience in both the legal and medical administrative fields, starting her career first as a legal office assistant in 1988 and then as a medical office assistant in 2004. Cheryl then transitioned to a career in medical transcription, transcribing for various hospitals in the United States before joining the Reportex medicolegal transcription team in 2009. Cheryl is a former Spartan obstacle course racer, completing eight races between 2015 and 2017. Her current passions are golf, rock climbing and dark chocolate. Her education lists as follows:

  • Medical Transcription Education Centre, Inc. (M-TEC) – Tier 1 Premier Program Diploma (2009)
  • Trend College – Legal Office Assistant Diploma (President’s List) (1986)

Lori Erbacher

Lori has worked as a medical transcriptionist for her entire life at cancer clinics, hospitals and for various specialist offices – and still enjoys it! When she is not working, she plays the alto saxophone in a community concert band as well as a jazz band. She has 10 grandchildren and loves to travel.

Michelle Hammond

Michelle cannot believe that it will be 10 years this fall she has worked for Reportex. “I love that it feels like we are a team even though we all work remotely.” Michelle was in a serious accident a number of years ago, so she has been through the process that she now transcribe reports for – interesting how that worked out. Partly because of that accident, Michelle has taken a circuitous route through animal health technology, business administration and health information management to become a medicolegal transcriptionist. She has lived in the Kootenay Boundary area most of her life and loves it. She would define herself as a small town girl (are you signing the Journey song now?) She likes to camp and travel with her fiance and also spend time with her horse, Tater, and her orange tabby, George.

Stacey De Boer

Stacey worked as a litigation paralegal, primarily in personal injury defence, for 20 years prior to becoming a medicolegal editor for Reportex. Although she obtained her bachelor of arts degree with a double major in Theatre History and English, she was drawn to the field of law. After working in law firms for many years, however, Stacey decided to make a change and combine her experience as a paralegal with her background in editing. Working from home as a contractor for Reportex also allows Stacey to balance her editing work with the demands of her family’s ranch property in Summerland, BC, including breeding Friesian horses.

Caroline Allen

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Tanya Guenther

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Angela Pinsent

(See above)

Christine Sochor

Christine has been scoping for five years and joined Reportex in September 2018. She loves the law and really enjoys her work. In her free time Christine loves spending time with her family, dancing, camping, and would consider herself a master at Scrabble.

Derek Smith

Derek’s work has gone through many phases but has mostly has involved working with documentation in various forms – for example administrative assistant type work, database work, closed-captioning, editing, technical writing, and scoping. He went to the University of Western, doing a general arts BA, and later on did a certificate in technical writing at Seneca College on the York University campus. Derek lives in Oshawa, a city east of Toronto 60 minutes and has enjoyed many visits to Vancouver over the years. Since so much of his work is sitting at the computer, he enjoys doing sports such as Brazilian jiu jitsu and squash during the week to keep physically active. “I certainly enjoy the variety of work that comes my way as a scopist for Reportex.”

Jackie Lewis

Jackie has a varied educational background with a focus on criminology and a strong secondary interest in psychology and sociology.

She is excellent with accents, especially Punjabi, as she completed two post-secondary intro levels of Punjabi language classes & worked hard to understand the phonetics & placement of the tongue within the mouth while pronouncing specific letters; her vocabulary is small, but her pronunciation is impeccable.

Jackie has previously worked as a legal assistant with respect to conveyancing, wills & estates, contract law, & two years with an ICBC defence firm. She’s familiar with all sorts of legalese & medical terminology, medication names, & muskuloskeletal issues due to her experience with ICBC cases, including her own. Albeit not the quickest scoper at Reportex, she prides herself on accuracy & attention to detail, double checking all spellings where possible & often referring to the wiki for confirmation on style preference or other queries.

Kelvin Haveman

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Kerry Ley

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Pam Staley

Pam lives in Florida and has spent many years developing her patience and insight into human nature as an Associate Teacher. Her emphasis was on reading, writing, and mathematics. Many of her students had limited proficiency in English. She then moved on to working with children of special needs. One of her biggest accomplishments and of course the most challenging was raising her three beautiful daughters. She took a well-deserved rest from the stress of education following a back injury. As the consummate learner she could not help but seek another challenge and that was found in the Internet Scoping School. There she was able to use her experience and knowledge to foster a new career into the world of scoping.

Richard Davies

Richard does legal scoping work for the Reportex team. He was born and raised in Alberta and was trained as a court reporter and completed the court reporting program at NAIT in 2016.

Sally McIntyre

Sally took the medical transcription course at Canscribe Career College in Kelowna – an amazing school – she graduated from J.L. Crowe in Trail, BC. She started off taking the medical transcription course so she could work from home and raise her children. Sally worked in that field until a job opening came up with Lana when she worked with Charest – She’s been working with her for the last six years. Sally does a lot of camping in the summer with her husband and kids, and they love bike riding, hiking and beach days.

Tammy Smith

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Note: Ari and Jessyka from our staff are also proofers! Read more about them on our team page.

Allison Jirsa

Allison Jirsa grew up outside of Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Florida as a teen. She graduated from the University of Miami with a bachelor of music degree in music business, and has worked as a cleaner of dog cages, assistant manager at a music store, computer lab attendant, permissions assistant for a music publisher and bookkeeper at a country club.  She’s always had an eye for detail and an interest in writing, which made her new career of proofreading a great fit. She loves to travel; Paris is a favorite destination despite her high school French being rather rough. Her other hobbies include reading, knitting, photography, the occasional video game, and spending time with cats (both her own and those at the humane society where she volunteers). She lives on the Gulf coast of Florida with her three cats and doesn’t miss the Chicago snow one bit.

Gaynell Noel

Gaynell is originally from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, but now lives in Pennsylvania, USA. Her educational background is in computer information systems and she worked in that field for a number of years. After being a stay-at-home mom to three wonderful children, Gaynell switched careers to become a proofreader. She loves trying out new recipes and being outdoors when the weather is good. “I would not complain if it were summer all year long! It’s the island girl in me.”

Jamie Kurzdorfer

Jamie grew up and currently lives in Buffalo, NY. She graduated in 2004 with a BA in English Literature and a minor in Women’s Studies. She served as co-founder of The Writing Lab, a division of the school’s tutoring program. She spent a summer studying Shakespeare and British media and culture, and she hopes to be able to return to visit and not have to do homework someday. She also spent five years working in car accident research and reconstruction, which sometimes comes in handy when reading car accident depositions. Jamie finished the transcript proofreading portion of the Proofread Anywhere curriculum in December of 2018. She has been working with a couple of local court reporters since January of 2019. Her favorite things are her books, her cats, and her sarcastic sense of humor.

Janice Logan

Janice is an editor and indexer fourteen years of experience. Her training in editing was through Ryerson University and her indexing training was with the University of California (Berkeley). She has been working with Reportex for over ten years and continues to enjoy the work and her colleagues.

Jenni Reed

Life has taken Jenni in all sorts of directions! She lived in various parts of the US while growing up. After graduating with a degree in Bible and theology from Moody Bible Institute, Jenni moved to England, where she lived for over twelve years. She then moved to Oklahoma to live closer to family. Jenni homeschooled her three children for several years, after which she decided to learn to proofread transcripts. She enjoys the flexibility of working from home and the detail-oriented nature of the work. Jenni recently moved to Alberta and enjoys spending time with her husband and their kids, especially when that involves getting out into the great outdoors for some hiking, camping or scenic drives. On her own, she is likely to be found reading, daydreaming or planning a garden full of flowers.

Joy Tataryn

Joy is a non-practising member of the Law Society of British Columbia, a legal editor at CLEBC, and a freelance editor and indexer. She loves to sing, garden, and play with her horse. She enjoys and aspires to write flash nonfiction (especially personal essays) and poetry.

Karissa Bullis

As a word connoisseur, spelling bee geek and avid reader, I am excited to join the Reportex team! I’ve been proofreading for many years in official and non-official capacities since I’m one of those people who spots errors in nearly everything I read, and I truly enjoy putting my talents and training to use.

In my free time you’ll find me hanging out in beautiful Denver, Colorado, with my husband and three (active, slightly feral) children. I spend more time carting kids to soccer practice than I would like to admit, but at least it is generally in the company of beautiful blue skies. We are currently trying to travel to all 50 states as we mark them off on our United States scratch-off map, and sneak in those international trips as well. I endeavour to approach life as a beautiful adventure!

Katie Bailini

Katie studied English at York University in Toronto, Ontario, and spent several years working as a freelance equestrian journalist. A life-long, avid equestrian, Katie currently splits her time between proofreading and organizing horse shows. In her free time Katie enjoys baking, going on adventures with her husband on their motorcycle and spending time with their cats.

Lindsay Bookout

Lindsay graduated from Appalachian State University (in North Carolina) with three degrees (English: Professional Writing; French and Francophone Studies; and Political Science) in 2016. She then completed the Proofread Anywhere course in 2017, where she learned how to proofread court transcripts. Lindsay has always had an interest in editing and legal matters, so this profession is “simply perfect” for her. She’s also worked in a variety of different animal care settings, including a grooming salon, a vet’s office, and an animal shelter. Animals are her passion. Outside of work, she enjoys going to the beach, spending time with her three dogs, volunteering at her favorite animal shelter, and casually pursuing dog training as a hobby/career.

Melissa Squiciari

Melissa is originally from northern Wisconsin. Moving from there to Kentucky, North Carolina and finally New York as a child, she caught the travel bug and has never recovered. Spending a college semester abroad in Spain only fuelled that as well as her love of language. She studied psychology at the College of the Holy Cross and communication disorders at the University of Massachusetts. She then spent several years working as a pediatric speech-language pathologist before staying home to raise her children. Melissa completed Proofread Anywhere’s transcript proofreading course in August 2019 and is excited to be working with Reportex. When she’s not working or taking care of her family, she’s out walking (sometimes with a crazy dog) and plotting how to get to her next destination.

Miki Patel

Miki graduated with a degree in Industrial & Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Due to her lack of interest in the engineering field, she began looking at alternative careers she could pursue. Miki has always had a passion for reading and writing, which led her to enroll in Proofread Anywhere in January of 2017. Outside of work, she enjoys taking online courses to learn new skills, travelling and going out on hikes with her husband.

Leslie Comer

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Erica Mills

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Zinnie Breitkreutz

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