COVID-19 Protocol

COVID-19 Action (Updated August 26, 2020)

The offices of Reportex HQ (Vancouver), All-Star by Reportex (New Westminster) and Island Reporters (Victoria) have re-opened on July 6, 2020.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, our onsite capacity is still limited, so we will continue to have remote & hybrid solutions in place for all proceedings.  Additionally, video conferencing equipment is available in every boardroom to accommodate remote attendees for onsite jobs, and our scheduling and technical staff is available to assist you (whether remotely or onsite).

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COVID-19 Operational Plan

This protocol sets out the actions that Reportex is taking to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in our place of business and community.  Should you have any questions prior to your proceeding or while onsite, please contact our office manager Avang Aboubakr at (604) 401-3730.

COVID-19 Office Signage

Reportex will affix signage outlining proper hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and physical distancing both outside our office entrance and throughout our office space. Signage will also be placed at any common entrance and in locations where people tend to congregate.

The following requisite signage is affixed throughout our offices:

  • Public Health Authority
  • Physical Distancing
  • Occupancy Limit
  • Client Screening and Symptoms
  • Employee Screening
  • Option of Wearing a Face Mask
  • Handwashing and Sanitizer

In addition, all common spaces in the offices will have signage at reception listing emergency resources, including local public health screening centres, mental health resources, self-screening links and the contact information for public health authorities.

Physical Distancing Measures

The following physical distancing measures are in place at all office locations:

  • Each in-office proceeding will be restricted to six people
  • The number of onsite staff will be restricted
  • Furniture will be arranged throughout the offices to adhere to the 2-metre physical distancing requirements and visual cues will be provided to encourage distancing and directional movement of clients and staff
  • Clients and staff must maintain physical distancing requirements while onsite and will avoid common greetings, such as handshakes
  • Plexiglass will be provided in every boardroom
  • Congregating will not be permitted in common/reception areas or at food serveries, and break times will be staggered as much as possible to avoid congestion in the common areas/washrooms
  • Gloves will be made available (upon request) at reception for clients or staff who wish to use them while handling documents
  • Designated employees will monitor adherence to physical distancing requirements on premises

Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures

The following cleaning and disinfection procedures are in place at all office locations:

  • Reportex will ensure that all the necessary cleaning and disinfecting supplies are available
  • Hand sanitizer (minimum 70 percent alcohol), cleaning and disinfecting supplies and personal protection equipment (non-medical grade masks and disposable gloves) will be available at reception and in all boardrooms
  • Reportex will ensure that employees are trained on how to clean and disinfect surfaces and how to use personal protection equipment if needed
  • Items such as countertops, tables, chairs (including below the front of the seat), rental/shared equipment, phones, light switches, doorknobs, handrails, cabinet handles and furniture will to be disinfected every 30 minutes (outside boardrooms)
  • We will not be requiring witnesses to hold a bible when they are sworn in; if your witness requires a bible, it will be disinfected prior to use

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