What We Do

As experts in realtime reporting with decades of trial experience we regularly report some of the most complex trials in British Columbia.   

With our central location and custom-designed boardrooms, Reportex is the perfect place for hearings, arbitrations and dispute resolution.  At our downtown Vancouver HQ, our knowledgeable, talented chef prepares delicious refreshments each day, catering to the dietary needs of each group and serving fresh, creative meals to our clients. Our satellite locations, Island by Reportex and All-Star by Reportex, offer our signature quality in Victoria and New Westminster.

In addition to discoveries and depositions, our team regularly transcribes proceedings from the BC supreme and appeal courts.  Transcribing from audio requires acute focus and concentration, and no one produces a more accurate, consistent product than our team.

We are often asked to share our knowledge with counsel and their support staff who want to learn more about the strategic benefits of realtime reporting and the cost-saving efficiency of electronic trials, and our workshops all qualify for CLE credit through the Law Society.

Reportex regularly reports and transcribes landmark, precedent-setting cases that are often appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada.  Our flawless appeal book preparation ensures that our clients — and the appellate courts — have all the evidence they need before them.

With our extensive courtroom and transcription experience, Reportex is uniquely placed to assist medical experts with their IME and medicolegal reports.  Each of our court-recognized experts rely heavily on our knowledge of the BC Supreme Court Rules of Court to ensure that their reports are not only admissible but highly defensible.