Appeal Books & E-Appeals

Whether you require assistance with preparation of your appeal record, transcript, book, factum, condensed books, books of authorities or all of the above, Reportex has the expertise and the technological resources to prepare, file and serve your appeal books on time and in accordance with the strict guidelines required by the BC Court of Appeal.

Reportex is also authorized by BC Court Services to attend all BC Supreme Court exhibit registries on behalf of our clients to photocopy exhibits for the preparation of appeal books.

If you are looking to explore the benefits of electronic appeals, our team is highly skilled at editing PDFs, OCRing documents, creating e-binders and building integrated hyperlinked indexes for all appeal elements.

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Electronic appeals (where no paper is filed whatsoever) are becoming more and more common, particularly for appeals from lengthy trials.  Reportex works closely with the court of appeal registrar to prepare the various materials required for a paperless (or hybrid) appeal, including the record, transcript, book, factums and authorities.


The court of appeal requires a fully bookmarked electronic appeal transcript (even if you file a paper transcript), which allows the panel to easily search the transcript or go to a particular witness’s testimony at the click of a hyperlink.

With e-binders, Reportex takes this level of searchability to an even more detailed level.

In addition to preparing the electronic transcript, Reportex can prepare an e-binder, which links text in the factums to the other appeal materials, such as the appeal record, the transcript, the exhibits and the authorities.

Even if the parties choose to prepare a paper appeal (or a hybrid paper/electronic appeal), Reportex can provide counsel with a fully searchable e-binder that pulls all the digital materials together.

When you place your next appeal order with Reportex, be sure to request an e-binder as well.

Questions? We Can Help

Preparing for an appeal is difficult and stressful. Reportex can take some of that stress off your plate. If you have questions about which of our appeal book services are right for you, contact our audio department to discuss your needs.