Together, we are shaping the future.

As legal technology continues to evolve, we offer collaborative solutions to support your practice.

Reportex has always been a tech-forward company, but we make sure that the way we adopt tech doesn’t leave our clients in the dust. No matter your comfort level with technology, Reportex can get you up and running on your schedule.

As a Reportex client, you can mix and match the services we offer to build a custom package designed specifically for you, crafted to your liking based on the way you prefer to work and on the specifics of your upcoming proceeding. “Flexibility” is our watchword, and if there’s anything you need that is not listed here, we will find a way to provide it.

Virtual Proceedings

No matter what type of proceeding you need to conduct, Reportex has what you need to get it done. Whether taking place in person or virtually (or a hybrid of the two), our expertise will ensure smooth sailing no matter your needs.


Our expert court reporters have completed literally thousands of examinations for discovery via videoconference. We use secure, consumer-friendly software like Zoom, Teams and Webex and handle everything from sending out invites to marking exhibits–all you have to do is show up.
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Remote Realtime

Unlock the power and convenience of realtime court reporting in every proceeding–even remote ones.
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Let us handle the technical side of your next mediation! Reportex’s boardrooms are an excellent neutral ground for in-person mediations and the same goes for our platform when it comes to taking mediations virtual. Having our knowledgeable staff act as neutral technicians can make sure that the technology doesn’t get in the way of reaching a settlement.
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No matter the specifics of your arbitration, Reportex can assist with the logistics of ensuring a smooth, productive virtual proceeding.  Our tiered technician services allow you to choose the level of support you need, whether it’s simply acting as proceedings coordinator, setting up a secure shared document repository and presenting documents directly within the virtual platform or something in between.
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“I was incredibly impressed… Reportex is proving itself to be a cut above.”

Asaf Y. Mallek

Virtual Technicians

Need to make absolutely sure a virtual proceeding goes smoothly? Leave it in the hands of our trained experts. While many companies offer passive “monitors” for virtual proceedings, Reportex gives you the option of having your own personal IT staff at the ready for the entire meeting. We offer four levels of support ranging from basic assistance to in-depth troubleshooting at the ready.
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Court Bridge

Bring your trial into the 21st century with virtual witness attendance, full integration with court systems, clear audio and video for remote participants and more.
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Say goodbye to stacks of bankers boxes. Our tried and tested e-trial platform puts hundreds of thousands of pages of evidence at your fingertips. We combine best-in-class software solutions with rugged hardware to display evidence on dedicated monitors all around the courtroom and virtually.  Make the most of your witnesses:  mark up documents and have them seamlessly entered into evidence.  Secure, intuitive, flexible and 100% Canadian.

Or if you have a different e-trial solution in mind, we can provide the internet connection and all of the hardware (including an interactive SMARTboard), and we will liaise with court services and oversee the entire integration and setup for the court.  There are many layers to an e-trial, and the software is just one small piece.
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Hybrid Solutions

Combine Reportex e-solutions with traditional proceedings. If you have a judge or opposing counsel who prefers binders and tabs, you can still enjoy many of the benefits of Reportex’s technology. We offer customizable solutions to fit the needs of users with a wide range of comfort level around technology, varying abilities to travel or other considerations.  We even have digital solutions for those who prefer to use pen and paper.

“We retained Reportex for an extremely complex trial involving six sets of counsel and 30,000 pages of exhibits and other documents. Reportex has been providing realtime transcripts, including remote realtime connections. In addition, Reportex was able to recommend, set up and operate an e-document management system to enable the court and counsel to have simultaneous access to electronic versions of all exhibits and other documents. I have been thoroughly impressed by the expertise and professionalism of everyone at Reportex and would unhesitatingly recommend their services to anyone considering running an electronic trial of any size.”

Jonathan Penner, Counsel
Ministry of Justice and Attorney General

Canadian Cloud Storage

Take advantage of secure cloud document storage with servers located entirely within Canada. Reportex can set up a document repository that you and your team will find as convenient as it is game-changing.

Reportex is very accustomed to working on years-long complex trials involving dozens of lawyers who aren’t in the courtroom every day but who still need access to the exhibits and to other trial materials.  Our e-trial solution includes cloud storage, and we can also set up a repository a la carte for parties who have a different e-trial platform in mind but who still want access to exhibits.

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Transcript Bundles

At Reportex, we know the power of a well-prepared cross-examination. Counsel crafts their questions very carefully and collects all the documents they intend to put to the witness. Whether those documents are marked as exhibits at the discovery or simply identified by their list number, they are an integral part of understanding a witness’s evidence and will likely be used to impeach that witness at trial.

Our transcript bundles allow you to unlock the power of your cross-examination by placing not just the oral testimony but also the documents you put to the witness right at your fingertips, directly where they’re referenced in the transcript.
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Common Books

If looking for relevant data in a massive common book of documents is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, our PDF common book bundles are the equivalent of giving your team a giant magnet. OCRed and searchable, our common book preparation methods let you bring those dozens of bankers boxes with you on a much lighter USB drive.
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One of the best parts of our e-trial platform is the ease with which exhibits can be passed around and marked up. Reportex can help you with every level of exhibit digitization, from physically scanning documents to creating SMARTboard solutions that allow marked-up exhibits to be immediately entered at trial.
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