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In May of 2020, the Supreme Court of Canada adjourned hearings scheduled for its spring session for health and safety reasons in response to COVID-19 and in June ramped up the number of appeals they would hear via video conferencing. While E-Trials have been around in various shapes and forms, the demand and interest were certainly exacerbated by the pandemic. When it comes to digital solutions, Reportex has been there since the very beginning. Our extensive trial experience has given us fantastic insight into the effectiveness and ease of use of e-trial protocols for lawyers, the judge, the clerk and expert witnesses.

As legal technology continues to evolve, we offer collaborative solutions to support your practice.
Reportex has always been a tech-forward company, but we make sure that the way we adopt tech doesn’t leave our clients in the dust. No matter your comfort level with technology, Reportex can get you up and running on your schedule.

As a Reportex client, you can mix and match the services we offer to build a custom package designed specifically for you, crafted to your liking based on the way you prefer to work and the specifics of your upcoming proceeding. Flexibility is our watchword, and if there’s anything you need that is not listed here, there’s a good chance we can provide it.

We believe that the simplest solution, utilizing products and systems that the parties and the court are already familiar with, is the best solution. Our platform is robust, secure and easy to use.

What is an

Build the E-Trial you need for your case right now. Our tiered technician services allow you to choose the level of support you need, whether it’s simply acting as proceedings coordinator, setting up a secure shared document repository and presenting documents directly within the virtual platform or something in between.

Our build-your-own E-solution can include:

Virtual Proceedings

Videoconferencing services can be used when witness or lawyer in another city needs to attend a proceeding. This includes discoveries, mediations, arbitrations, and remote realtime court reporting. It saves time and money, and it’s more environmentally sustainable.
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Our tried and tested e-trial platform puts hundreds of thousands of pages of evidence at your fingertips. We combine best-in-class software solutions with rugged hardware to display evidence on dedicated monitors all around the courtroom and virtually. We also offer customizable HYBRID solutions to fit the needs of users with a wide range of comfort level around technology, varying abilities to travel or other considerations.
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Did you know that Reportex can set up a document repository that you and your team will find as convenient as it is game-changing? Take advantage of secure cloud document storage with servers located entirely within Canada.

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Common Books

Our common book preparation methods let you bring those dozens of bankers boxes with you on a much lighter USB drive.


Reportex can help you with every level of exhibit digitization, from physically scanning documents to creating SMARTboard solutions that allow marked-up exhibits to be immediately entered at trial.

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Your Build-your-own-etrial can include our E-Document bundled packages.

Our transcript bundles allow you to unlock the power of your cross-examination by placing not just the oral testimony but also the documents you put to the witness right at your fingertips, directly where they’re referenced in the transcript.
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“I was incredibly impressed… Reportex is proving itself to be a cut above.”
Asaf Y. Mallek

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