Navigating the world of e-trials can be overwhelming, daunting and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

Our years of trial experience have given us unique opportunities to see which e-trial protocols work well from all perspectives (particularly that of the judge, the clerk and expert witnesses) and which ones do not, and we are firm believers that the simplest solution, utilizing products and systems that the parties and the court are already familiar with, is the best solution.

Our project management services will help guide the parties through every step of the process, from which we will create a custom e-trial solution that meets the unique needs of the parties and the court.

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Document Management

Reportex’s digital document management system provides trial teams with secure, easy-to-use document storage. Exhibits, transcripts and other documents are easy to find in a searchable, centralized hub. Searching for a needle in a haystack is never fun; Reportex has a better solution.

Digital Security for Serious Litigation

The types of lengthy multiparty proceedings that Reportex routinely reports are serious business. The stakes are high, and security is absolutely critical. As a result, Reportex’s paperless solutions use the very latest in security technology:  2048-bit RSA, 256-bit AES, SSL and TLS encryption; remote wipe capabilities (in the event counsel’s laptop is lost or stolen); and of course SOC-1 certified datacentres that are based in Canada and subject to regular security audits by KPMG.

Most importantly, security doesn’t come at the cost of usability. Our solutions can be picked up quickly by even non-technical users. If you can use Windows, you’ll have no problem using our e-trial platforms.

IT Support

Reportex employs a full-time systems and IT coordinator who is available to provide comprehensive technical support to all parties throughout the common book preparation and throughout the examinations for discovery and trial.

Independent Courtroom Technician

Reportex can also provide an independent courtroom technician who will run the e-trial platform and work closely with the clerk to ensure that the trial exhibits are properly marked and organized. Our technician will also provide confidential hands-on support to the judge with respect to locating, viewing and marking up their copy of the exhibits.

Courtroom Equipment

Reportex can provide all the e-trial equipment you need for your e-trial (including setup, maintenance and removal), and we will also coordinate the installation of high-speed wifi internet for the benefit of all parties and the court.

Electronic Transcript Bundles

In today’s digital world transcripts need to do much more than simply reflect what was said.  When done correctly, verbatim transcripts – combined with the latest technology – can provide your trial team with tremendous advantage.  Electronic exhibits can be embedded directly into the transcript text right where they are referenced, allowing you to view both the exhibit and the related testimony with a click of the mouse.  Your team will spend less time searching and more time strategizing.
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