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Thanks to increasing concerns about Covid-19, in May of 2020 the Supreme Court of Canada adjourned its spring hearings for health and safety reasons and ramped up the number of appeals they’d hear via video conferencing. While e-trials have been around in various shapes and forms for the past few years, the demand and interest were certainly exacerbated by the COVID-19 and are here to stay.

Reportex has been there since the very beginning. Our extensive trial experience and ongoing technical support for our clients, has given us fantastic insight into the effectiveness and ease of use of e-trial protocols for lawyers, judges, the clerk and expert witnesses.

We believe in creating the simplest plans and solutions, utilizing products and systems that you and the court are already familiar with, and building an E-trial that works for you.

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Which e-Trial Solution Is Right for You?

Navigating the world of e-trials doesn’t have to be overwhelming, daunting or expensive. We are here to help. Whether you choose to use Reportex’s simple, robust proprietary e-trial platform or a third-party solution, our team works with you to ensure the e-trial runs smoothly and seamlessly.

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Some things to Consider when Building Your e-Trial

  • Do you need one of our full-time in-court technicians?
  • Do your clients require all data to be stored in Canada?
  • Is the judge comfortable with technology?
  • Will you be marking up lots of maps or other documents?

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Sample Cases

Jane Doe, of Doe, Doe & Doe LLP, had a 524-day trial and decided to try an e-trial with Reportex. She loved being able to access exhibits wherever she was on her laptop and iPad, and her paralegal Mark loved how easy it was to search for keywords. The judge was a little hesitant at first, but the helpful Reportex technician attended court every day to make sure the trial went smoothly. In the end, Jane was able to save lots of time and win the case!

Saik’uz / Stellat’en First Nations Trial

In the spring of 2020, Reportex successfully completed a fully supported e-trail that lasted 189 days with no downtime due to technical failures.

The Saik’uz/Stellat’en First Nations claim was revolutionary not only in terms of the custom e-trial platform that our team created and then facilitated but also in terms of the incorporation of the virtual elements made necessary because of the pandemic. The platform allowed plaintiffs and defence to argue their cases without breaking their flow and affect their impact.


Whether you choose to use Reportex’s simple, robust proprietary e-trial platform or a third-party solution, our team works with you to ensure the e-trial runs smoothly. We can integrate seamlessly with Caselines, eTrialToolkit or any solution you prefer. Our team can the in-court internet connection, provides the hardware, handles setup and does all the liaising and integration while you’re free to focus on your litigation strategy.

It’s all up to you. Tell us what you need. We will build it for you.