IME Transcription

Reportex offers a wide range of medicolegal transcription services to British Columbia’s top experts. Our vast experience allows us to assist with every facet of expert report production, including meticulous transcription, editing and formatting.  We will even send completed reports directly to counsel, thereby freeing up medical office support staff to attend to other aspects of an expert’s practice.

Our veteran team of transcriptionists and editors is ready to ensure that experts need only supply the medical knowledge; they can leave everything else to us.

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IME Transcription

Our team can transcribe from digital, analogue or telephone dictation, allowing our experts to use their preferred dictation method.

IME Editing

In addition to correcting errors and typos, Reportex’s editors are specifically trained to edit reports with rigorous cross-examination in mind.  They will flag ambiguities, inconsistencies and missing information in the expert’s report, and they will pay particular attention to any weaknesses or foundational issues underlying the expert’s opinion.

IME Quality Control

Much like court transcripts, IME reports are high-stakes documents that demand pinpoint accuracy. That is why each completed report gets one final check by our dedicated quality control department.

IME Consulting

One of the greatest benefits to our experts is the expertise and consulting provided by our owner, Christy Pratt.  With over 18 years of experience as a realtime court reporter, Christy has heard the evidence of a battalion of medical experts and has seen thousands of IME and medicolegal reports.  Her knowledge of the Rules of Court requirements for expert reports combined with her years of first-hand courtroom experience allows her to offer unique, invaluable insight to any expert who is entering the IME arena or who is looking to grow an already thriving IME business.

In addition, our medical clients are provided with exclusive access to our extensive educational materials, which are laid out in a searchable, hyperlinked wiki site. Experts can easily access detailed information on a wide range of topics, ensuring that they are always up to date with the latest relevant case law and court requirements for expert reports.