Realtime Reporting

Realtime reporting is the instantaneous translation of oral proceedings into English text. Counsel’s laptop or iPad is connected to the reporter’s secure realtime network, enabling counsel to read and annotate the text on their screen in real time during the proceedings, saving time and increasing trial prep efficiency.


With realtime reporting you and your team can instantly:

  • search for key words
  • create custom issues
  • flag portions of the evidence for review
  • highlight lines of text for quick follow-up
  • copy and paste from the transcript into closing arguments

The possibilities are endless, and the viewing software is free.

Remote Realtime

Reportex offers secure remote realtime to anywhere in the world via the internet. Streamed data is encrypted through 256-bit SSL technology, which is the gold standard for digital security used by banks and high-security applications. Therefore, you can rest assured that the transcript of even the most sensitive proceedings can be safely streamed remotely.

Setup & Support

We know that new technology can be intimidating, especially when you are preparing for a complex trial or discovery.  Our staff will walk you through the setup process to ensure that your realtime tech is ready to go so that everything runs smoothly when the day comes.

You can receive the reporter’s realtime feed on a laptop or on an iPad, and you can use your own device or you can rent them from Reportex.  The CaseviewNet realtime software is free to download, and it is extremely easy to use.

Your realtime reporter will guide you through the connection process, and our detailed written instructions provide step-by-step guidance on creating issue codes, marking the text, searching for key words and running annotation reports.

Our clients are also given access to our secure realtime support page, which contains all of our realtime materials, including video instruction on how to update your draft transcript with the certified. Your login details will be provided to you at the time of your booking, and you can also click the link to the right of this page to log in.

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Complimentary Realtime Demos & Workshops

Sometimes the best way to determine if realtime reporting is right for your trial team is to see it in action so you can weigh the benefits for yourself.  We can provide a one-on-one realtime demo remotely, or we can come to your office and show it to your entire team. Our “Introduction to Realtime Reporting” workshop also qualifies for 1.5 CLE credits.

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Complimentary Realtime Training

Once you book a realtime proceeding with Reportex, we will schedule a time with your team to provide detailed, tailored training to ensure that you get the most out of your realtime experience. Our “Realtime Reporting: Trial Prep” workshop also qualifies for 1.00 CLE credits.

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Want to Learn More?

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