Remote Proceedings

At Reportex, we’re passionate about using technology to make things easier for our clients. For several years, we’ve been providing videoconferencing services when a witness or lawyer in another city needs to attend a proceeding. It saves time and money, and it’s more environmentally sustainable.

Our supported remote solutions are available for all types of proceedings, including examinations for discovery and mediations and arbitrations.

Regardless of where everyone is physically located, each participant connects via secure, encrypted videoconferencing apps (Zoom, Cisco WebEx, MS Teams). These platforms are simple to use, and our virtual technician is always available to assist if needed.

How It Works

Clients receive an email invitation to a video call ahead of time. If you haven’t used the software before, you (or your IT department) will need to perform a quick guided download and installation.

You’ll then join via your computer or mobile device, and you’ll be able to see and hear everyone clearly. Proceedings take place in exactly the same fashion as they would if you attended in person. Should you need to show a document to the witness, you can present any file from your computer to everyone in attendance. You can even share your own computer screen, if certain documents cannot be shared directly.

What You Need

The system requirements for our remote solutions are very simple, and your existing laptop should work just fine. You will need:

  • A Mac or PC made in the last five years
  • A webcam (almost all laptops have these built in)
  • Speakers and a microphone (built in on most laptops) or a headset with microphone (e.g. iPhone earbuds)

Alternatively, the remote proceedings can be accessed via an Android/iOS app on your mobile device.

Virtual Mediations

Mediations enjoy separate virtual “breakout rooms,” which are secure areas of the video call where only authorized persons can confer. The mediation process is essentially identical to what you’d experience in person (with the exception that you won’t be able to order one of our famous catered mediation lunches!)

Our dedicated technician will guide the parties through the process and ensure that everyone’s tech is working properly and will then hand the reins over to the mediator. Our technician will then tuck into a private “breakout” room, available for any technical assistance that may be required.

Virtual Arbitrations

In addition to facilitating the setup of all hearings and arbitrations, Reportex offers a comprehensive suite of virtual arbitration services, including providing a technician to run the entire virtual platform and perform the following tasks:

  • entering and editing data, exhibits and other documents into the virtual platform each day
  • locating and displaying documents to all participants
  • endorsing, saving and naming all exhibits and uploading them into a shared document repository
  • maintaining a master exhibit list
  • maintaining a record of proceedings

We can also provide a realtime court reporter if the parties wish to view the transcript remotely.

Zoom/WebEx FAQs, Feature Comparison & Webinars

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Please click here to review Reportex’s feature comparison of the Zoom and WebEx platforms for discoveries and mediations.

If you would like to attend an upcoming webinar on conducting remote discoveries and mediations, or if you would like to schedule a private Zoom or WebEx tutorial for your firm, please contact us.