Paperless Offices, E-Discovery & Transcript Bundles

Many lawyers are enjoying the sustainability and economic benefits of a paperless office. E-discovery is a mainstream part of litigation, and more and more law firms are moving away from paper entirely. The days of complex paper filing systems, wall-to-wall bookshelves and offsite physical archives are numbered.

Even the most pristine document management system can become a complex labyrinth of files and Bates-numbered documents. As critical as these systems are to effective case management, navigating them in order to locate key documents and exhibits from a discovery that occurred months or even years ago can be a time-consuming, costly endeavour.

Transcript bundles eliminate these frustrations, since the documents are embedded right in the transcript text and packaged as a single PDF file, which is compatible with the reader software you already use.

Moreover, we are seeing more e-trials than ever before in BC courts. Tech-savvy judges are embracing the use of electronic common books, written arguments and briefs of authorities in an effort to move away from bulky, wasteful, expensive document binders.

Testimony, Exhibits, Submissions & Case Law – All in One Place

Transcript Bundles – Examinations for Discovery

At Reportex, we know the power of a well-prepared cross-examination. Counsel crafts their questions very carefully and collects all the documents they intend to put to the witness. Whether those documents are marked as exhibits at the discovery or simply identified by their list number, they are an integral part of understanding a witness’s evidence and will likely be used to impeach that witness at trial.

Our transcript bundles allow you to unlock the power of your cross-examination by placing not just the oral testimony but also the documents you put to the witness right at your fingertips, directly where they’re referenced in the transcript.

Transcript Bundles – Court Proceedings

In addition to transcript bundles for discovery evidence, we regularly create bundles for court proceedings as well. Judges love the convenience of reviewing witness testimony, trial exhibits, closing argument and case law with the click of a hyperlink, particularly since our bundles are fully searchable, with excerpts from the proceedings easily copied/pasted directly into the judge’s reasons for judgment.

Order a Transcript Bundle

The next time you book a reporter with Reportex, tell our scheduler that you would like a transcript bundle, or you can request one directly from the reporter at the discovery. There is also an option to request a bundle when you order transcripts online.

You can even request a bundle for a transcript that has already been prepared.

Order a Transcript Bundle

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