Your Advantage in Vancouver

As the top reporting choice among US law firms, our American clients will enjoy a familiar deposition experience. If you’re an American attorney who needs to depose a Canadian witness in British Columbia, our extensive experience in reporting US depositions will ensure that you receive a transcript in the format you require. Whether you will be coming to Vancouver in person or attending remotely, we will make the process as efficient and effortless as possible. Book a Deposition

Location, Location, Location

Our downtown Vancouver offices are perfectly suited to attorneys visiting from the United States. We are easily accessible by public transit, and our downtown boardrooms are located in the heart of Vancouver's financial district.

Realtime Reporting

As experts in realtime court reporting, we use the latest in wireless technology, and we also offer remote realtime reporting. Working in a foreign jurisdiction has its challenges, and being able to review the testimony before you conclude your examination will help ensure you have the evidence you need.

Transcript Style & Format

Our team is fully versed in reporting US depositions, and we are equipped to provide you with transcripts that will meet your county or state requirements.  From exhibit management to handling confidential portions of testimony to even ensuring we use American spellings, your experience with our Canadian team will feel familiar and comfortable. Also, our expertise with the latest in court reporting software ensures that you will receive your e-transcripts in any format you require.

Video Depositions

We routinely network with the top certified legal video specialists in the city, and our staff can assist you with booking a videographer.  Our skilled reporters have extensive experience with video depositions, and our team will ensure your video deposition goes smoothly.