From webinars and lunch & learns to pre-trial realtime training sessions to e-trial workshops, one of the services on which we pride ourselves most is education. Realtime reporting is remarkably easy to use, but the software is full of powerful features which can supercharge how you manage your proceeding. Let us show you how. Contact us to learn more about workshops

Webinars Lunch & Learns

Sample Reportex’s famous in-house catering while learning more about realtime or electronic trials. We’ll serve you a gourmet meal, show you the latest tech and get you back to your office, all during your regular lunch break. Or, for those who prefer, we will bring the workshop to your office. Please note that during the COVID-19 health crisis, we are not able to offer in person workshops and will offer all workshops as a live webinar.

Pre-Trial Realtime Instruction

Every time you book a realtime hearing or trial with Reportex, we can meet with your trial team to provide realtime education, test your hardware, demonstrate the technology and set up case-specific issue codes for your upcoming proceeding.

CLE Approved Courses

We currently offer the following complimentary courses, all of which qualify for CLE credits.  These workshops are presented by various Reportex team members, including Christy Pratt, a pre-approved CLE provider for the Law Society of BC. In addition to these courses, Christy also presents a workshop on speaking for the record, which addresses what to do — and what not to do — when conducting a discovery or examining witnesses at trial.  Though this workshop is geared towards junior lawyers, even the most experienced counsel will benefit from the insight Christy has derived over her 20-year court reporting career.

E-trials: Managing Transcripts & Exhibits (1.50 CLE credits)

This course focuses on the electronic management of trial transcripts, electronic exhibits and other digital documents.

Introduction to Realtime Reporting (1.50 CLE credits)

In this course we use a mock trial approach (reported by a real court reporter) to show participants how to view, annotate and run reports on realtime transcripts.

Realtime Reporting: Trial Prep (1.00 CLE credits)

We tailor this course to the specific needs and details of your upcoming proceeding. In addition to learning how to use the realtime software, counsel and their team will create a streamlined system for managing transcripts.

Remote Proceedings Webinar (1.00 CLE credits)

Reportex offers webinars on how to conduct remote proceedings using Zoom, WebEx and MS Teams. In these webinars we will review how each platform works (including how to share documents and mark exhibits) and discuss security issues and best practices. We also provide private tutorials on each of these platforms so you and your team can practice using the various features in order to ensure you are fully prepared for your remote proceeding.