Angel Arena

Receptionist (Victoria)

Angel is the friendly face you see when you come to our Victoria location. She also handles Island bookings and scheduling duties.

Angel is a proud 12th child of an ordinary farmer in the Philippines. To her, there is value in simplicity – but simplicity doesn’t mean not to dream big!

She attended college as a working student and after completing her Industrial Engineering degree, she was well-versed in production planning, scheduling, materials inventory control, procurement and logistics skills and had experience with several global companies and ISOs.

Angel came to Canada as a student to further pursue her dreams. She joined Reportex/Island Reporters in January of 2020 as a Co-op student in her school programme.

Angel has loved to sing since she was a child. She enjoys singing as she walks to work, to the bus or while walking down the trails of Victoria, enjoying the scenery and changing seasons of Canada.