Claire McKellar

Acting Office Manager

Claire is our Acting Office Manager, ensuring our office runs smoothly and our team has the resources they need to excel.

About Claire

Claire is responsible for reception and client services, and she is a valued member of the Reportex culture club.

Specialties & Skills

Claire has an extensive background in customer service, conflict resolution, office administration and management.

Interests & Volunteerism

Cooking and travelling are Claire’s two main interests. If she can be on a trip and live like a local cooking in a kitchen where she is staying, she is a happy lady. Although Claire dresses in business attire every day, she also has an interest in mechanics and can often be found underneath her project car in a pair of coveralls.

Claire loves to volunteer with elderly people affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease because she feels that many of their families find it hard to be around them due to the sadness it brings. Since she doesn’t have the same emotional attachment, she’s happy to be of service. Many of them are full of wisdom and life experience, so she believes that it is mutually beneficial.

Fun Fact

Claire wants to travel to every continent before she’s 40 — minus Antarctica. She grew up in Manitoba — that’s cold enough!