Jenni Reed

Legal Training Assistant

As our Legal Training Assistant, Jenni helps manage the onboarding process for the talented people who create and edit Reportex’s quality transcripts.

About Jenni

Jenni grew up in the United States, but after graduating, she moved to England, where she lived for many years. After making a return to the US, she is now living in Alberta.

She worked for several years as an assistant to a custom kitchen designer and has worked in retail within the kitchen industry, but Jenni has spent most of her adult life devoting herself to raising and eventually homeschooling her three children. She has always been interested in proofreading and editing, so after finishing homeschooling in 2017, she decided to pursue a career in transcript proofreading.

Specialties & Skills

Jenni has an eye for detail and loves to analyze for structure and coherence.

Interests & Volunteerism

Jenni loves to travel, especially in England, Italy and other places that have historical significance, architecture and amazing food. She loves reading classic novels and has always been a bookworm.

Fascinated by the complexity of nature, Jenni loves to read about permaculture and other sustainable methods of gardening. Having only ever been able to do gardening on a small scale over the years, she dreams of putting her knowledge to good use one day to create a thriving place which will be alive with bees, butterflies and birds and full of fruits, herbs, flowering plants and vegetables.

Fun Fact

She loves cats in art (and in her lap or in the garden too).


Proofread Anywhere | Certificate in Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice

Moody Bible Institute | Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology