Kelsey Fletcher, RCR

Realtime Court Reporter (Victoria)

Kelsey is a seasoned pro and a tremendous asset to the Reportex team. She graduated from Legal and Realtime Reporting at NAIT in 2001 and has worked in all kinds of settings including discoveries, real-time court trials, the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, CART for hard-of-hearing university students and closed captioning for television.

Kelsey has a ton of hobbies and interests including sailing, gardening, photography, and cooking/baking.

She is self-described as sarcastic, honest, stubborn, loyal, bubbly and the way to her heart is to get her laughing! (That’s another hobby… laughing.)

She has sailed more places than many people have dreamed of and lives on a small hobby farm near Victoria with dogs, goats, chickens, ducks, sometimes piglets and turkeys too–as well as a huge fruit and veggie garden.