Kerry Sauriol

Marketing Coordinator

Kerry is our Marketing Coordinator, working with our content team on internal and external communications.

About Kerry

Kerry fell sideways into marketing and content creation via mom blogging as that trend was taking off. Her early work with various brands, including Disney and Procter & Gamble, helped her hone her business copywriting skills. Being an early adopter for the various social media channels has allowed Kerry to work with a variety of clients via her agency experience and help them develop their digital brands.

Specialties & Skills

Kerry loves the written word and has a passion for editing web content.

Interests & Volunteerism

Kerry has always been a bit of an armchair warrior and has volunteered for a wide variety of programs and issues. She was the president of the Katherine Labelle Dance Society for a couple of years and has managed her tenants’ association (basically because no one else will volunteer to do it). Kerry is a bit of a geek in sheep’s clothing and loves her collection of sci-fi books, movies and comics that fill her house and storage locker.

Fun Fact

Kerry is actually Lady Kerry Sauriol as she now owns a square foot of Scottish land in the Glencoe Woods. She has a certificate and everything!


  • Simon Fraser University | Bachelor of Arts in English