Leanne Kowalyk, RCR

Director of Court Reporting

In addition to being one of our top court reporters, Leanne is our director of court reporting, ensuring the smooth operation of our firm.

About Leanne

After briefly contemplating a career in music, Leanne instead chose to pursue court reporting and has never looked back.  After graduating from the court reporting program through NAIT at the age of 20, she spent the next decade working, travelling and working while travelling. This career satisfies Leanne’s thirst for continued learning as well as her need to be challenged. She came to join the Reportex team knowing that Christy Pratt would push her to further develop her skills, achieve her realtime certification and be the best reporter she can be.

Leanne continues to report periodically, typically on realtime trials or on days where there is a particularly full roster of discoveries, though the majority of her focus is now dedicated to the support, recruitment and development of the team of talented court reporters. She regularly organizes group workshops as well as one-on-one training to keep the team sharp and working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

She spent two years as president of the BC Shorthand Reporters Association, which provided her the opportunity to connect with the entire body of reporters and the legal community in the province.

Specialties & Skills

In addition to her work in Canada, Leanne has extensive experience working on a variety of international arbitrations, high court and American depositions throughout Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Interests & Volunteerism

Leanne is a competitive dragonboat paddler, a social curler and an avid hiker.  She supports a number of local charities and volunteers at events in her community.

Cases of Note

Fun Facts

Leanne has a cheeky and adorable 70-pound sidekick named Milo, who is a young Weimaraner-Aussiedoodle cross. His favourite things are swimming in Buntzen Lake, catching snowflakes in the air and stealing his friends’ sticks at the dog park.


  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology | Legal and Realtime Reporting


  • Realtime Certified Reporter
  • Certified Court Reporter

Associations & Memberships

  • BCSRA | 2005 — present
  • BCSRA President | 2015 — 2017
  • BCSRA Past President | 2017 – 2018