Leanne Kowalyk, RCR

Director of Court Reporting

In addition to being one of our top court reporters, Leanne is our director of court reporting, ensuring the smooth operation of our firm.

Specialties & Skills

In addition to her work in Canada, Leanne has extensive experience working on a variety of international arbitrations, high court and American depositions throughout Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Interests & Volunteerism

Leanne is a competitive dragonboat paddler, a very non-competitive curler, an avid hiker, and participates in a number of charity runs annually.

Cases of Note

Fun Facts

Through multiple periods of her life Leanne has experienced the hiccups quite frequently. And by frequently she means approximately hourly. Nobody has been able to tell her the cause, and fortunately she is in somewhat of a lull right now. She also played competitive dodgeball for over a decade. It’s actually a wonder she still has full use of her fingers after all the minor sprains!


  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology | Legal and Realtime Reporting


  • Realtime Certified Reporter
  • Certified Court Reporter

Associations & Memberships

  • BCSRA | 2005 — present
  • BCSRA President | 2015 — 2017
  • BCSRA Past President | 2017 – 2018