Monika Szucs

Virtual Proceedings Technician

Monika is the virtual proceedings technician for Reportex, responsible for managing and facilitating virtual proceedings for clients and assisting with technical setup and support.

About Monika

Monika grew up in Surrey and then moved to Vancouver when she was 12. When she started college, she wanted to study sciences and work her way up to becoming a veterinarian; however, her plans and interests changed over time. She decided to get a medical office assistant certificate as a backup plan. That program developed her good organizational and typing skills.

Monika then decided she really enjoyed anything to do with computers. She got a digital design and development diploma because it taught her skills in website development, graphic design, UI/UX, marketing and project management. The digital design and development diploma upgrades to a bachelor of business administration (BBA), which she is currently working towards. It was important to Monika to enter a program in which she could work her way up to a bachelors degree. She believes that education is important; however, she believes real-life experience is equally as important. She loves learning how everything works together. She has recently been very passionate and focused within the IT field and enjoys helping people with their technical needs. Additionally she is working on finishing her computer science degree on the side.

When she was growing up, Monika always saw her single mother working hard to give her everything she needed. It was important to Monika to get a broad education first so that she would never have to worry about her career throughout her life. Now that she feels confident in her vast skill set, she finds herself finally narrowing down her career choices, which is why she has chosen to fully commit herself to the ITĀ field and is working her way up to be a network administrator.

Specialties & Skills

Monika has experience with documentation, Office 365, website development, a little bit of software development, UI/UX and video production.

Interests & Volunteerism

Monika enjoys constantly learning new skills, and her future goal is to get her masters degree. She enjoys spending time with her bunny (Akira), family and friends in her free time. She likes drinking bubble tea and trying new places to eat.

Fun Fact

Monika has her double black stripe in taekwondo and used to fight in competitions.


British Columbia Institute of Technology | Bachelor of Business Administration (in progress)

British Columbia Institute of Technology | Applied Software Development Certificate (in progress)

British Columbia Institute of Technology | Digital Design and Development Diploma

British Columbia Institute of Technology | Applied Computer Information Systems Certificate

British Columbia Institute of Technology | Medical Office Assistant Certificate