Nancy Gratham

Medicolegal Editing Director

Nancy is the medicolegal quality control director for Reportex, responsible for managing our vast medicolegal transcription reference materials, for overseeing the consistency of our medicolegal report style (including adherence to the Rules of Court) and for training all of our new team members.

About Nancy

After a decade as an editor and writer in the magazine industry, Nancy studied to become a medical language specialist and began work as a transcriber, working with medical specialists from across the country to produce medicolegal and independent medical examination reports for the next nine years.

In early 2017 Nancy joined Reportex as medicolegal quality control coordinator, a position that involves working directly with transcribers and editors to ensure the highest standards of quality for each medicolegal and IME report produced by Reportex’s medical expert clients. She also works with clients to create and maintain report templates and reference documents and to ensure that every report complies with our medical experts’ preferences as well as with the BC Rules of Court.



  • CanScribe Career Centre | Medical Transcription | 2008
  • Simon Fraser University | English Literature and Communications | 1991
  • Selkirk College | Applied Writing |1986