Nye Mohammed

Executive Chef

Nye is Reportex’s executive chef, preparing pastries, baked goods and mediation lunches for our clients.

About Nye

Inspired by his mother and their leisurely Sunday afternoons in the kitchen, Chef Nye Mohammed has always been passionate about food. His culinary career began 12 years ago as a teenager growing up in Vancouver. Since then, he has been proud to provide thousands of guests with extraordinary and memorable gastronomical experiences. He brings this passion and enthusiasm to Reportex, creating restaurant quality lunches for mediations.

After his apprenticeship and formal education, Nye worked as a personal chef for celebrities and business leaders.


When not in the kitchen, Nye can be found climbing the local mountains, playing tennis, rock climbing and enjoying the great outdoors.


  • Vancouver Community College | Work/study apprenticeship | 2001 – 2003
  • Culinary Art Institute of Vancouver | 2004 – 2006