Sandra Garcia

Office Services Coordinator

Sandra is our office services coordinator, providing our team with the support they need to excel at their jobs.

About Sandra

I was born in San Salvador, capital city of El Salvador. I studied nursing at David J Guzman College in San Salvador, working and studying at the same. During this time El Salvador was experiencing a civil war which made life very tough and at times extremely frightening. In 1991 we made the difficult decision to leave our families behind as landed immigrants to make a new life in this beautiful place we are so blessed to call home, Vancouver, BC.

I have always been so grateful to Canada for opening doors and opportunities to be here and have the opportunity to raise my two boys and provide them a better life! I studied English at VCC and have worked many years in the building maintenance and cleaning industry. Beginning a new life here was not easy: a new country, new language, new culture and no family, but almost all of my family was able to move not only to Canada, but to Vancouver where we all continue to live and be very close.

In my free time I love spending time with my children, husband and family. I enjoy helping others, share my love of things I like wherever I can. I enjoy travel and have blessed to have been to Europe, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala and the US. I enjoy being out in nature walking and being active. I relax by cooking, listening to music and being around animals.