Shishi Fan

Production Coordinator

Shishi is Reportex’s production coordinator, ensuring transcripts are printed and delivered to clients promptly.

About Shishi

Shishi has lived in Vancouver for most of her life and hasn’t lived anywhere else. Having spent many years in the Vancouver climate, she has developed a strong appreciation for the rain.

As for her role in Reportex she oversees all transcript production. She is responsible for printing, assembling and couriering all legal transcripts and making sure they are delivered to clients on time. She is also responsible for providing clients with invoices for reporter-attended proceedings, medical transcriptions and mediations.

If you would like to place an order for transcripts today, please fill out a transcript order form.


Shishi enjoys sweets very much and can often be seen snacking in her office. She is also most enthusiastic about making sure staff members (mostly herself) enjoy free coffee at the end of the week.


  • Vancouver Community College | Administrative Assistant and Legal Administrative Assistant Certificates