Talina Flores Vergara

Production Coordinator

As Production Coordinator, Talina helps to ensure the smooth operations of all of our transcript production and delivery. Talina is responsible for helping to print, assemble and courier all materials to be delivered to clients in a timely fashion.

About Talina

Meet Talina, our superstar production coordinator. Born and raised in Mexico Talina had aspirations to travel overseas and that’s how she found herself in Canada. With her experience in the hospitality industry she seemed a natural fit at Reportex. With a keen eye, efficiency and lovable personality Talina brings a lot of laughs and fun to Reportex.


On weekends Talina enjoys spending time with her son, friends and family while exploring British Columbia.


  • ITESO (Jalisco, Mexico) | Bachelor of Arts in Psychology | 1994 – 1999
  • Cornerstone (Vancouver) | Hospitality Management Diploma | 2017 – 2019